The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1665 Qian Yikun Got Into A Car Accident!
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1665 Qian Yikun Got Into A Car Accident!

Ding Yuejia nodded solemnly. He was really angry.

Le Tian felt a warmth blossoming in her heart. Her son's concern for her made her happier than anything else. "We'll go home and put some medicine on. It's not that bad."

"Le Tian, if you want money, I'll get Daddy to give it to you. I also have a lot of New Year's money. Let me give you all of them, okay? Le Tian, don't be like this in the future. It's like you wanted to stage crash," Ding Yuejia lectured Le Tian in all seriousness.

Le Tian was rendered speechless. "..."

She was really in shock, alright?

Although what happened after that did seem like a staged crash.

However, she loved money. The whole world knew that she loved money, and now that she had to support her son, she needed money even more.

In this world, it was said that everyone was six social connections away from each other.

Thus, Le Tian told Wen Shan about what had happened that night, while Ding Yuejia was hiding in the toilet with his phone in his arms and complaining to his father.

Shanzi: [You really made it look like a staged crash.]

Born Optimist: [Image]

Born Optimist: [See that? See that? My hands are really injured, okay?]

The Fair and Beautiful Mrs. Wen: [So, you asked for a thousand bucks because you couldn't get five thousand bucks? Aren't you too unprofessional as a staged crasher?]

Born Optimist: [That was a police officer. I received that one thousand bucks shakily, alright?]

Born Optimist: [And a criminal police at that.]

Shanzi: [Oh, dear. Not even a criminal police can tell if you've been hit.]

Born Optimist: [He's very handsome, but I think he was distracted.]

Mrs. Gu: [Handsome and a criminal police? Could that criminal police happen to be the captain of XX Police Station's Criminal Investigation Unit, the one called Qian Yikun?]

Born Optimist: [!!!!]

Shanzi: [????]

The Fair and Beautiful Mrs. Wen: [This world is kinda small.]

The Fair and Beautiful Mrs. Wen: [I didn't expect Qian Yikun to do something like losing focus while driving.]

The Fair and Beautiful Mrs. Wen: [You asked for too little money.]

Shanzi: [The same Qian Yikun who kissed Papa Nalan?]

The Fair and Beautiful Mrs. Wen: [Correct!]

Ye Yuwei felt that she had just sat through a good show.

Wen Shan felt like her entire worldview had been altered and it was not in a good way.

Xiao Yaojing felt that she would never be bored before she gave birth.

Born Optimist: [So, who's this Qian Yikun?]

Qian Yikun returned to his apartment. Xin Ya and Mo Fei were already asleep. However, Xin Ya left a lamp on in the living room for him. Qian Yikun sat down in the living room and massaged his forehead. How was he going to talk to Mo Fei about marriage?

Even though, their marriage was really just an ad hoc solution.

While Mo Fei was sleeping, her sensitive ears heard the sound of the door opening, followed by the sound of someone walking into the living room and sitting down. It must be Qian Yikun who had returned. Knowing that, she was relieved and decided to continue sleeping.

However, the phone beside her seemed to know that she had woken up and countless messages started flooding in. Mo Fei reached out for the phone in the dark.

Mrs. Gu: [Qian Yikun got into a car accident!]

Mo Fei: [What?]

If Qian Yikun had an accident, was a ghost who was sitting in the living room now?

Mrs. Gu: [He crashed into one of Wen Shan's classmates, but it wasn't serious.]

Mo Fei: [Oh, that's a pity. I thought he's going to jail.]

Mrs. Gu: [Don't you find it strange? Who is Big Brother Qian? Why would he make such a low-level mistake?]

Mo Fei: [He doesn't have the ability to commit high-level mistakes too.]

Mrs. Gu: [...]

Mrs. Gu: [I think it's because of the news. This incident has affected the Qian family and his career greatly.]

Mo Fei paused. It felt like her heart was constricted by something. She had seen the news before, but little did she know how huge an impact it had on him.


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