The Dark Demon Lord Short Stories
2 Love Struck Serpent Queen
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The Dark Demon Lord Short Stories
Author :SN_Collier
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2 Love Struck Serpent Queen

Deep within the caverns of an ominous planet, snakes dwelled as the leaders. Any other beast or species were taken in as slaves or food. The slithering menaces ruled the planet since the time of their first Serpent queen. The snakes had high physical strength, great flexibility and their demonic curses kept every creature at bay.

Following the long windy path in the caverns, dead trees and blood of different animals was all one could find. Cages filled with naked humans, cats, ogres, and many more were stashed in one corner of the caverns. The snakes were different in size and color. There were snakes as large as the trees while some as small as pebbles. Some of the snakes were even humanoid, slithering about with their half-man and half-snake bodies.

At the end of the sinister cavern, one would find a stone steps leading to a shattered throne. On that throne sat a mesmerizing serpent. Her lower half, which was one of a serpent, had beautiful green scales. The long tail that wrapped around the throne reached an approximate distance of five meters. It was a long tail that was larger than most of the snakes found in the cavern. Her upper half was demon. She had a intoxicating, paper white stomach. Her well shaped hips were covered by grey scales that reached her pale cheeks, however the scales only covered the sides of her body and face. The stomach, back, arms and face were still unscaled. On the top of her forehead was a single horn that slightly curved upward. It didn't diminish any of her beauty, rather t made it much more attractive. Her long, jet-black hair rested on her hips, slightly dangling off of her horn. The serpent's golden eyes calmly stared at the cages that were filled with the different beings.

The serpent slowly got up from her seat and slid towards the cages. Her jet-black hair swayed in the wind beautifully, however her next actions were anytime but. The serpent woman grabbed a blade that was on the ground with her long, winding tail. She held onto the blade with her hands and began to tap the cages, one by one.

"You creatures are so weak! The day I was born, I was told that I would be the Serpent queen. I hoped that because I was going to be leader, I would be able to fight strong opponents and have an exciting life, but who knew that just one stab from my tail was all that it took to end you little beasts.

Oh, how I wish that someone would take me from this boring world and into one of excitement." The serpent queen put on a sorrowful face as her blade slipped passed the cage bars and slowly pierced into a naked man.

"AHHH!" The man let out a painful howl, but it was ignored by the queen and the rest of the snakes.

"That scream! That is the only fun in this world! Yes! Scream louder! Hahaha!" The serpent queen suddenly changed her expression from one of sorrow to that of intoxication. It was an abrupt change, but it caused all the people inside the cages to tremble in fear.

"Let us out! Please, queen Gathenia, spare our lives! We won't disobey your commands again, please let us go!" The people in the cage hysterically cried for their lives. Seeing he man being slowly stabbed and the pain on his face wasn't something they could handle. They grabbed the bars and shook violently.

"You pesky little animals. You are nothing more than food for me and my kin! You are lucky that you even stayed alive this long, but since you are asking for death, I shall give it to you." Gathenia smiled faintly towards the caged people. She then slid to her throne very slowly, causing the hearts of the caged people to beat rapidly. "My warriors, take those in the cage and throw them to my hungry newborns. Have the mothers of those newborns also eat so that they won't devour their own children. Go! Also, make sure to bind the caged people!" The serpent queen gave out her death order, which was carried out instantly. The humanoid snake's went to the cages and unlocked them all. The people inside cried loudly, they screamed from the top of their lungs, but it was all ignored by Gathenia.

"You monster! You will be slaughtered one day for your crimes! You will not be spared, someone will come and avenge us!" An ogre, who was held down by three snake-men, cursed loudly. Gathenia slithered over to the ogre after hearing what he said. Her golden eyes stared right into his crimson ones. Then suddenly, her tail shot into the back of the ogre's. He made a grunt and gritted his teeth, glaring at the queen.

"You can curse me all you want, but that won't do you any good. You think someone is capable of slaughtering this queen? I wish for the same thing! Life is becoming dull, I really hope to find someone that will make me scream the way you pests do. Take this ogre into the poison mist and let him get devoured by the venom snakes!" The humanoid snakes nodded their heads before efficiently carrying out their orders. The place became void of screams and fear after the caged people were taken away. Gathenia silently sat on her throne, with her thin hand resting on her cheek.


The sun sunk into the horizon, bringing about the darkness of night. The snakes lifted their heads and began to slither out the cavern. Gathenia also stood up from her throne and proceeded towards the exit of the cavern.

"Let the hunt begin." Gathenia silently whispered. Her tail smacked the ground loudly, which forced the other snakes to follow suit. Loud thumping noises reverberated across the cavern, heading out into the world.


A village, which was in ruins, stood not so far away from the caverns. The village was one for humans, however the place was not welcoming in any way. Kids hid in their homes with their parents, scared of their own shadow. Food was hard to come by, so people died early in the village. It was a common food ground for the snakes, which forced others to avoid it entirely.


The thumping sounds reached all the way to the village. The sounds of tails meeting the ground was like the sound of death approaching. All the citizens of the village began to panic. They took their children's and hid them under the torn sheets which they used as blankets.

"Mom, what's happening? Mom, what's that sound? I'm scared!" The children began to cry to their mothers. The sounds of the snake hitting their tails was common, however it happened every so often. Most of the times, the snakes would just enter a village without any noise. The children didn't understand the noise, however it frightened them greatly.

"It's ok! Just hide in the blankets and make sure not to make any noise. Also, rub this cream all over you body to hide your smell. Don't come out or make any noises, ok? Mama will make the bad people go away." All the mothers in the village consoled their children. The males of the village were already taken by the snakes, so the children had to depend on their mothers.

The cream that the mother's handed out was a special type of cream that was able to hide the scent of almost anything. However, because of the limited amount in the village, only children were able to use them.

"Ssssss!" Loud hissing noises were heard from the front gates of the ruined village. The mothers tucked their children under the sheets before rushing out. The fell onto their knees and hid their heads. The small snakes slithered passed them and began to surround them.

Gathenia slithered into the village with her humanoid snake army. She glanced at all of the trembling woman before speaking from her beautiful, yet venomous mouth.

"I only see woman. Where are the children hiding? My little snakes are hungrier today so we will be having a feast. Go, my little ones, find the human children and drag them out." Gathenia ordered the snakes without any fluctuation in her feelings.

"Queen Gathenia, please spare the children! They are all the we have left! Please spare the little ones!" The woman began to beg and cry. Their voices resounded throughout the village, sounding extremely pitiful.

"Quiet those woman down!" Gathenia then move an inch, only ordering her snake men to silence the women. The snake men smile wickedly before each taking one of the women out the village.

"I haven't had fun with humans in a long time! Let's enjoy our time together human! Ssss!" The women panicked. They saw the desires hidden within the eyes of the snake men.

"Please, don't! I don't want to! Please!" Tears fell from the faces of the woman who were dragged away by the snake men.

"AHHHH! Let me go! No more!" Screams of agony were heard outside the village. The women screamed for help, but no one came to their aid. Gathenia ignored the sounds and only waited for the children to be dragged out.


Suddenly, lightning crackled in the sky as a tear appeared. It was a black slit in the dark blue sky. It went from a thin oval into a large wide circle.

"What is that!" Gathenia looked with interest. She, who was getting bored with her life, was somewhat surprised to see such a occurence.

"So this is the planet of snakes? I can already smell those slithering insects from here! No wonder they are the lowest of the reptiles, only the dragons can be considered noble! This da*m smell is pissing me off!" From the large circle in the sky, a Demon with three horns, which were releasing a black gas, walked out. His towering, ashen grey body, looked especially sinister when compared to his companion. The beast beside the three horned Demon was a green wolf. It looked majestic and mystical, however the hunger in it's azure eyes could not be hidden.

"Master Arnin, we are only here to create the snake cube. We can leave right after, please be a little patient." The wolf spoke to the Demon very calmly and formerly.

"I know Zhaik. Just hurry up and begin the creation. We have a large amount of snakes gathered right in front of us. Also, there are some half-snakes here as well." Demon Arnin rushed Zhaik and sat in mid air. He waved his hand and created a small barrier around him which blocked the repulsive snake smell.

Gathenia, who was watching and listening from the ground, couldn't help but give Demon Arnin a second glance. Although she had met many demons, and even ate them, she couldn't help but fine Demon Arnin to be different. She leaped onto the air and slithered towards Arnin.

"Demon, what are you doing in my territory? I will not kill you for your disturbance, but you will need to come with me." Gathenia looked at Arnin with a bashful smile. She was an extremely attractive beast, and had intoxicated many men with her looks. She thought that it could work with Demon Arnin as well, but she thought wrong.

"Who is this demon snake? Why don't you slither on back into your cave and eat some sh*t?" Demon Arnin didn't show any respect or fear for Gathenia, which surprised her greatly.

"Do you not know who I am? I am the queen serpent, Gathenia! I will spare you for your insolence if you come back with me now." Gathenia didn't lose her composure and only looked at Arnin with question. How could anyone not know her? She was the feared queen serpent of the snakes.

"I had enough of this! Zhaik, rip her tail off and give it to me. I am feeling hungry right now." Arnin waved towards Zhaik who was now in the form of a young human with green hair.

"Yes, master." Zhaik vanished from his spot and appeared behind Gathenia.

"You dare touch this queen?!" Gathenia quickly turned around, however her tail was already cut in half and was being chewed by Demon Arnin.

"This taste is not too bad. Haha!" Demon Arnin continued to chew the tail, while Gathenia fell into shock. She couldn't believe how fast Zhaik was and how vulnerable she was in front of him. She was feeling intense pain from her tail, but Gathenia ignored it. She glanced at Arnin once more and this time her face blushed. He was the person she was searching for. A person that could injure her or cause her injury without even blinking. Although he was eating her tail, Gathenia still felt Demon Arnin to look extremely attractive.

"Lord Demon, may this queen know of your mighty name?" Gathenia stopped the bleeding from her tail with a curse mark which she produced from her palm. Her tail also began to regrow albeit slowly.

"Hmm? My name is not for you to know. Leave now while I am eating your tail, or else I will kill you with your snake kin!" Demon Arnin glanced at Gathenia with boredom as he pointed towards the ground.

"Sssss! Ahhh!" The snakes and snake men were hissing and screaming in pain. Zhaik was killing them all one by one and then throwing them towards a white cube. Gathenia ignored the cries from her snake kin and looked at Arnin with a blushing face.

"Demon, would it be possible for you to take me with you? I can be the perfect mate for you. I have both the looks and the body. How about it?" Gathenia showed her curves to Arnin with excitement. She knew that Arnin was the man she wanted. He was everything she was looking for; ruthless, strong and domineering.

Zhaik walked to Arnin and presented a cube that had snake patterns. "Master Arnin, the snake cube has been created. With the addition of the snake men, it is stronger than expected." Arnin ignored the flirting Gathenia and concentrated on the cube. He released a small smile before walking towards the black circle with Zhaik.

"We traveled to over a thousand snake planets and killed over a billion snakes to create this. Now we can finally move onto the creation of the snake staff." Arnin walked through the tear and disappeared with Zhaik.

Gathenia watched all of this happen with shock and excitement. "I have found you, my mate. Don't expect to run away from me. I will find you again in the future and I will make you fall in love with me! Hahaha!" Gathenia released a beautiful smile which struck fear in the hearts of the woman who were limply lying on the ground.


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