The Flawed System
13 Strength
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The Flawed System
Author :FluffyCotton
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13 Strength

~A few days later in the Crexia's house.~

Alex and Justine were on the practice field. Justine was just swinging her sword up and down for a few minutes. Alex was looking on with a confused expression.

"Justine...when did you become so good at the sword?" Alex have never heard of an increase of sword talent after someone got a job as a magician.

"I don't know too. I just felt like it became easier." Obviously Justine couldn't explain about her Hidden Job to her father, as it clearly is out of the norm.

"Well, it all seems to be good then. Now I have someone to teach my sword skills to." Alex laughed loudly and Christina opened the door confusedly.

"What's going on in here?"

"Honey you can't believe this. Justine got an increase of a talent in the sword!"

"WHAT!" Christina fully believed that Justine would be on the path of a magician. However now that she could also transverse the path of a warrior, that means she could become a dual cultivator. Someone in who can train in both the ways of the sword and magic. Anyone who had this talent was able to become someone famous.

"That's great!" Rachel was happy for her sister, yet internally wished that she could also become strong.

Justine caught Rachel's sad look in which she dropped her sword and ran to her. She then jumped into Rachel's embrace and hugged her tightly.

Rachel was obviously flabbergasted by her sudden actions. "W-w-what's wrong Justine?" She never really lost her composure, even when she was assigned to the engagement.

"Sis, I'll definitely help you."

Rachel naturally thought that Justine was implying she would become stronger to absolve the arranged marriage. However what Justine actually meant was that she was going to buy a manual for her to train from the system.

{System, I still have more than 10,000 Life Credit right?}

[Precisely 13,485 Life Credits.]

{Is there anything that I can buy for my sister?}

[Of course there is. However some are compatible with your sister but others are not.]

{Then choose the one that is best for my sister!}

[What is the budget range for this?]

{All of my Life Credits!}

Justine didn't hesitate using all of her Life Credits for her sister, as she even took the danger of the engagement away from her.

[Analyzing Rachel Crexia...Confirmed talent as Ice Magic Manual located.]

[Ice Phoenix Magic Manual: A manual that requires user to be of Female gender and to have talent as an Ice mage. Cultivation speed will be 4 times the average person. 3,000 Life Credit]

{That's perfect! But how do will we give this manual to my sister?}

[I naturally have my ways. (@^◡^) ]


Slightly doubtful, Justine still believed in the System's capabilities.

"Sis are you okay?" Justine observed Rachel for any abnormalities that might've happen.

"Yea, just slightly dizzy." Although she said she was slightly dizzy, Rachel's mind was in turmoil. She heard some voice in her head that said [Someone has gifted you this Magic Manual. Be grateful.] Then an influx of information appeared in her mind. The title of the Magic Manual was Ice Phoenix Magic Manual and apparently it was perfectly suited for her. However what she couldn't believe was that someone gifted this to her. Her parents would have directly handed this to her than sending it into her head. Her fiancee also couldn't do it and her sister is absolutely out of the question.

'So who did it?' Rachel was majorly confused and decided to head back to bed and rest.

Justine guessed that Rachel received her gift and was happy. She then continued her sword training and decided to fight her father.

"Are you sure you want to fight me?" Alex looked at his daughter confusedly. He just couldn't understand where this idea came to her head.

"Yes!" With a firm resolve, Justine braced herself and ran to her father with a wooden sword in hand.

In return, Alex casually deflected her attack and return with a controlled strike. Not enough to hurt her but enough to make her realize what pain is.

"Ow..." Justine rubbed the part where Alex stabbed at. Thankfully it was a wooden sword and not a real sword, or else the consequences would be dire.

'I wish that this pain would go away,' Justine couldn't stand the pain and disliked pain in general.

Then as if someone had listened to her wishes, a gentle light surrounded the area that Justine was rubbing and the pain soon faded away.

"...You can heal yourself too?" Alex thought that maybe his eyes were playing tricks on him and asked questioningly.

"I...guess?" Justine responded uncertainly. She really didn't expect for her to heal herself by just thinking about it. Mainly because she saw that the people in the Church would voice out some incantations before using heal.

*boom* Justine saw her father collapsing onto the ground, appearing to be unconscious.

"MOM! Dad just fainted!" Justine rushed into the house and yelled out for her mother as she herself couldn't handle the situation very well.

Christina rushed over to the practice field once more and did discover her husband to be lying on the ground, not awake.

"Oh dear, what is it this time?" Christina prayed for the best and hoped that nothing too serious has happen for even her husband to be knocked out unconscious.
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    《The Flawed System》