The Great Adventure
7 Chapter seven
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The Great Adventure
Author :NSNChi
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7 Chapter seven

Dani and grand-pa quid were startled when seeing Ike, but soon found themselves to be red of shame because of their stupid action, Remembering that Ike led them to the temple .

Soon grand-pa quid started smiling, saying :"Ike, Dani, we did well, we did very well and will be greatly rewarded by the family, we did a great job ".

As he finished speaking , grand-pa quid started laughing, Dani and Ike also .

Five minutes later they contacted the family headquarter and installed an illusion and concealing barrier around the temple , at the entrance of the temple all the way to the top behind the waterfall.

Ike was surprised that he could see true the illusion and concealing barrier and quickly understood the reason behind this new ability , " the fruit of divinity " .

As the team of three were working, back on the "vercors asura" sea , on an island near a colossal door that seemed to hold the heaven and the earth together while being a bridge between two seas .

On the island of "blooms", in the city of "flower" where promises are sacred, a great building was at the center of the city .this was the headquarter of the tulip family. after receiving the call from grand-pa quid , the headquarter started moving and mobilizing its forces under the eyes of Maquia the weaver.

Maquia was a red eyes and blond hair young woman who owned a shop not far from the city center, as she was looking at the departing flying ships she thought " is trouble coming ? " while looking at the blue sky before resuming her work.

As the forces of the tulip family boarded their ships, they took off in the direction of the island where Ike, Dani and Grand-pa quid were located.

the forces of the tulip family quickly reached the island where the temple was located the following day, trying to move without being noticed by the other families, not knowing but still being sure that the other families already saw their big move in "the city of flower" by a secret operative or another.

And in fact the other families were already on the move, following the same route the tulip family took . Coincidence or not this is an answer for later .

But when the forces of the tulip family arrived at the island, grand-pa quid while sleeping was having a good dream that he willed would last forever .
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    《The Great Adventure》