The Low Born King
20 Training Day One
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The Low Born King
Author :kosame
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20 Training Day One

Concentrating on the rune she slowly began to sweat from concentration failure after failure her focus was still sharp. Closer and closer the mass of mana was making a visible rune. Watching from the side he couldn't help but remember how long it took him yet only a few hours she was there already. Just as she was about to complete the rune formation excitement broke her concentration. Again she focused but was interrupted by Aego. That's not your only problem start running.

She didn't want to stop not when she was almost there glaring from behind she followed as he ran. Casually running for another twenty minutes she was gasping for air once again. Your biggest problem at the moment is your lack of strength. What use is strength, I can just use mana? You really don't know? Thinking back to that dreadful night. I won't bother explaining everything I do just know that its the fastest way to become stronger. So they continued running resting running their first day of training came to an end as Aego set the tent up for Aela. Aela who was in the tent started practicing her mana manipulation skills.

Sasori who was a bit more ruthless continued running even as she saw Luna gasping for air as her little legs trembled with every step. Her little sides ached still she ran enduring the pain. Slowly coming to a stop she turned back to Luna who finally passed out falling forward into her arms. She must really love you passing this test so beautifully. A smile spreading across her lips as she watched Luna.

A few minutes later she woke up seeing her kimono turned into a black gi with a pink belt. Looking around big trees surrounded her as she finally spotted Sasori. Fighting is pretty simple you punch, kick or grab at your enemies vitals or joints. You also protect those vitals and joints. Oh also always be alert slowly moving forward she lunged at Luna. She was moving slowly but to Luna her little eyes could see her growing bigger as she closed in. Scared she closed her eyes but a slap connected pain swelled up in her cheek as she flew a few yards to the side. Tears started to drip from her eyes as Sasori walked over. She knew what was happening but still she was scared.

Seeing her tears, the fear in her eyes, and the bruised cheek made her heart ache uncontrollably. Is this what you felt training me? Squeezing her fist I can't stop. If you can't block, if you can't fight, run. Hearing those words Luna desperately crawled up as she was gonna run but Sasori moved in front of her with a backhand across her other cheek sending her a few more feet to the side. But she didn't fall as she stepped forward and caught herself running off in the direction she was hit.

Shocked she froze for a moment amazing instinct just once and she unconsciously kept her eyes open she braced the blow and used it as a force to speed her escape. Peerless prodigy! While running Luna remembered what Aego had said to her privately think. What happened first she charged at me swung her hand next I closed my eyes and was hit. Second she walked over giving tips then I ran but she was faster and moved in front backhanding my cheek I saw her hand hit and braced for the impact to run. A realization struck her I saw I can see I mustn't close my eyes.

At this point Sasori had already caught up reaching out to grab her from behind feeling a presence from behind she turned her head to Sasori's stretched hand reaching for her. I can't escape I have to fight with determined eyes she stopped abruptly ducking under her hand and punched out to Sasori's stomach with all her might. Sasori who was stunned seeing such resolute eyes and the attack landed on her stomach. Laughing out loud she dropped on her knees hugging Luna.

Exhausted Luna fell asleep in Sasori's arms. Picking her up you did amazingly well she patted her back as she walked to a clearing. It was a short fight but very intense for Luna. The goal of this fight was to see if she had any talent by pushing her to her limit. It was extreme and cruel but effective. Resting under a tree Sasori leaned against it as Luna slept on her thigh rubbing ointment on her swollen cheeks. Tears fell as she thought of how hard she had to actually hit her. She restrained almost everything but still she needed enough force to send fear.

Luna who woke up to tear drops saw the sorrow in Sasori's eyes as she slowly sat up. Your'e not supposed to cry. He's not here besides you cried earlier. Because you hit me really hard. Uhmm I'm sorry it was just this once I won't be hitting so hard from now on. Promise looking straight in her eyes with her big pleading yellow eyes. Promise but it will still hurt a little. A little disappointed she looked away okay. I explained earlier about mana. Mhmm we all use mana internally but mages are able to use it externally. Warriors use it mainly to strengthen themselves. Good job.

Relax your body, clear your mind and calm your breathing with a slight touch on her back a warm flow of mana entered her back spreading across her body. This is mana its easier to show you mana than for you to find it now that you know how it feels search for it inside yourself. Once you do try to move it like you would your hands.

Ahh! I found it. Good now try moving it around. A few minutes later I got it. Great now move it your feet and jump. Not thinking much she gathered mana to her feet and jumped with all her might sending her fifteen feet high scarring her as she came falling with panic. Hitting the ground hard she looked at Sasori with a pitiful look why didn't you catch me. Didn't want to.


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