The Story Of Haruno Sakura
27 Naruto Resolution & Sakura Confession
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The Story Of Haruno Sakura
Author :steelgray
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27 Naruto Resolution & Sakura Confession

Tsuchikage's granddaughter asks her grandpa that why he didn't get rid of Eight tail and Nine tail to mess up Fake Madara plan. He tells them that who he was before he become hardheaded. The battle of Kisame against Killer Bee and Enka ninja somehow are tied now, Bee's attack with Eight tail chakra always is absorbed by Kisame's Samehada. Mizukage and Chojuro still look for Ao, Foo can't take back Byakugan and he is trying to destroy the Byakugan with the trap. Bee transform into biju state to lariat Kisame, Kisame is heavy injured but recovered quickly because Samehada is healing him.

The battle ends with Bee's win with the help of his brother, Raikage using double lariat. Although Kisame merged with Samehada and made Bee can't breath, at the end Samehada betrayed Kisame because it liked Bee's chakra and Raikage and the team arrive too. Raikage is very angry of his brother behaviour for leaving the village. Mizukage saves Ao from Foo's jutsu with punching him.

Gaara, Kanjuro and Temari come to Naruto to explain Gokage Summit situations. Yamato isn't surprised by Danzo action and supports Kakashi as Hokage. "I'm not too hot about being named Hokage... And even with circumstances being what they are... I still need to go back to Konoha and discussall of this with the others first" Kakashi said.

Temari tells Fake Madara already declared the war and we don't have all the time in the world. Yamato and Kakashi can't believe Sasuke's doing in the summit and hope Sakura can really convinces him. Gaara tells Naruto as Kazekage, he will protect him as Nine tail and Eight tail, if Sasuke stands against shinobi army, he won't show mercy.

"Wait Gaara!! Sakura is going to convince Sasuke right now" Naruto said. This time Gaara, Kanjuro and Temari are surprised by the news, they ask what happened then Naruto tells all Sakura's plans. They believe Naruto words and give Sakura a chance. "So why did you give Sasuke's problem back to Sakura now? You usually are very stubborn about your promise." Temari teased naruto.

"I think Sakura can convinces Sasuke, my intuition tells me. I also won't always do everything by myself anymore and Sakura already teaches me." Naruto's expression become resolute. Gaara sees Naruto expression, he congrats him for his new positive thinking. He and his team will go back to their village and proceed Kakashi as Hokage. Kakashi orders Yamato and Naruto to go back to Konoha Village, He and Sai will waiting Sakura.

Fake Madara find Danzo and he evades attacks from Danzo's men. Danzo orders Foo and Torune to back him up, he will undo the seal on his right arm. Torune and Foo are buying time by throw shurikens and mind transfer. Fake Madara passes through them all, Torune uses his micro bugs in his hands to attack and Foo will distract Fake Madara. Their tactics failed, Foo is injured and healed immediately by Torune. Fake Madara teleports Torune into other space but he cuts his infected right arm and also teleports Foo.

When Fake Madara lets Sasuke out of the space, I transforms myself and teleports behind Sasuke. They all are surprised, I launch The World of Eight Trigrams Arrays of Formation to separate Sasuke and Danzo from Fake Madara, Black White Zetsu and Karin then disrupting space-time in the formation for blocking Fake Madara come in and can't be seen from outside.

"Who are you?!" Danzo and Sasuke become vigilant. I undo my transformation and equip full Immortal Sakura Dress, They are surprised especially Sasuke. He is stunned or shocked by my beautiful appearance, his face is very red because he recalls the event at that night and he looks other way to make sure other people don't see him.

"Sasuke, i come to fulfil my promise", "Assist you to kill Danzo" I said with murderous expression to Danzo. "This area is already isolated by my jutsu, Fake Madara can't go in anymore as long as i maintain it." I revealed Trigrams Eye and Sharingan. This time Danzo is surprised by my appearance, Sasuke is also little surprised and a bit curious.

"I will ask what happened to you all this time" He focused again to Danzo. "Why do you help the traitor, Haruno Sakura? Do you want to be a rebellious ninja too?" Danzo asked, I don't wanna to talk with him. "Sasuke, you can fight freely in here. There aren't any bugs can come in" I told Sasuke. Danzo also reveals his right arms with full of Sharingan, Sasuke is little angry, "Is it true that it was on your and the other Konoha elders' orders... That Uchiha Itachi slaughtered the clan?"

Danzo attacks but he is grabed by Sasuke's Susano'o then is gripped to inflict injures, "I asked you if it's true!!". Danzo mocks Sasuke that Itachi is a failure ninja who betrays Konoha for telling the massacre truth. Danzo is revived again after is crushed by Susano'o grip and go behind Sasuke. "Sasuke, Danzo can always revive because he casts Izanagi, a jutsu that using Sharingan as a sacrifice to manipulate reality and illusion of the caster." I explained.

Danzo is surprised by my explanation and Sasuke looks at the right arm of Danzo, there are 10 Sharingan. He attacks Danzo with Susano'o punch, Amaterasu and cuts the arm for now. Sasuke is paralyzed by the curse seal, Danzo wants to cut Sasuke head but Sasuke counters with the complete Susano'o. Danzo evades with Wood jutsu, Sasuke launches Susano'o arrow and hits it but Danzo revives again.

Sasuke already kills 10 times to Danzo by using Susano'o arrows or punches, Amaterasu, cuts the arm and he also puts the genjutsu on Danzo to think he still has 1 chance. They face each others and strike the last hit. Danzo is very happy to think Sasuke will be died and can get his eyes. He suddenly surprised by Izanagi isn't activated and realized that he was in genjutsu.

"Now that's battling with your eyes. Do not mock the Uchiha." Sasuke said. Danzo's right arm rebels, becomes the tree, he cuts his own arm and reveals his right eye. I secretly use my Rinnegan to block his right eye jutsu. Sasuke finally can kills Danzo but before died, Danzo casts self-destruct jutsu. I use Almigthy Push to scatter the explosion effect. I take Danzo's corpse, the eye and the arm then store them into the ring. I look back to the tired Sasuke, healing him completely and waiting for his questions.

"Sakura, what happened to your appearance? What power this is that you're using?" Sasuke asked me seriously. "My present appearance is caused by the hereditary power that i had been bestowed by the mysterious man from past 2 years ago before we team 7 go to do the first task."

"My normal eyes transform or mutate into Sharingan that have all super strengthened basic abilities of Sharingan and have only 2 powerful skills from Rinnegan, Almighty Push or Pull."

I point my forehead "This is Trigrams Eye is the true transformation of the hereditary power. it can casts different type system jutsu, these arrays of formation are the proof of the eye power. It also can launch different elements system jutsu and the mysterious man also give me 2 last gifts before his death" I continued.

"First, My dress set that i am wearing now; Their name are Immortal Sakura Dress and their power are almost minimal the same as your Kusanagi Sword.", "Second, The full life path of Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke; The mysterious man sees me loving you so much. He shows me both of your life path". Sasuke is shocked, confused and he also eagerly compares the informations.

"I interrupt some development of yours at 2 crucial situations with this informations. I confess, hug and kiss you to tell that even the world is your enemy, i am your loved one forever. I tell you that who the enemy was at Orochimaru underground base."

"I also can't stop you to gain the power because your powers are needed for the future. The great war has been declared by Fake Madara. I wanted to stop you go to Orochimaru at that moment but that was the only opportunity for you become stronger."

"Do You still hate Konoha village, the person or other objectives?" I nervously asked. "No, I will only kill the other 2 Konoha elders, healing my eyes and disappeared from the public eyes." He said calmly. I look at his blurred eyes and feel bit distress.

I am so relieved about Sasuke objections and i can give him a vision of their life path. "Sasuke, forget that 2 elders. They are manipulated by Danzo with the Shisui's eyes. Don't waste your time and energy for them." He is surprised by my answers about the other Konoha elders.

I cast a genjutsu about their life path situations. Sasuke are surprised by my action and he browses the contents of genjutsu for awhile. He closes his eyes and the tears suddenly are flowing down after the true truths are uncovered.

"Sasuke, can I also purifying residual dark energies from Orochimaru and the others source that affect your emotions in your body?", "After that I will remove these formations, you just only need to act for the time being."

I extract the dark energies and store into the ring then I suddenly jump, hug and kiss him. "I love you, Sasuke. After the Great War let us married." I said shyly. Sasuke is shocked, he smiled at my actions and my marriage confession then replied with the same actions too.

"I am so lucky for having a powerful, beautiful, cute, lovely and responsible girlfriend as you Sakura. Thanks for pulling me out the darkness. I was so very stupid, there are so many people that still worried, love and protect me. This is also fortunately not too late for me to not go deep in. Yeah, let us married after the Great War" Sasuke said then he hug and kiss me too. "No, This is your own efforts; Yourself Sasuke" I replied to him with red face.

Sasuke is laughed by my answers and my expression then kiss me again. I am smiling and feel super very happy right now. I tell Sasuke that i must go back to Kakashi side. "We will meet again in the war, you must help the ninja army after all the preparations are completed". I looked at him reluctantly and disappeared from this area.
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    《The Story Of Haruno Sakura》