The Super Sex System
82 Additional reward
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The Super Sex System
Author :Sjtek
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82 Additional reward

"So you have more women? Well, I could have guessed. Seeing how you just walk in on a masturbating woman and immediately shove your dick inside."

"Well, the masturbating woman was begging for it wasn't she?"

Bianca cutely dug her head in my chest, remembering how she looked. Still, I'm a bit surprised she still can get embarrassed easily as her fetish requires her to do quite some obscene things, but I also know when she is in M mode, she'll do anything I tell her to.

Only afterward she'll relax and remember all the embarrassing stuff she just did happily.

"So you don't mind me having more women?"

"Why would I, I'm only a slave aren't I?" Bianca said with a cute smile.


I nicely spanked her ass once more. I'm starting to enjoy spanking that fine ass meat of hers.

"Yes you are, now get on top and start fucking me."

"Yes master, immediately."

Bianca did as told and got on top of me. Her pussy was still soaked and my dick was once again rock hard. So without wait, she put it inside and started fucking me in cowgirl position.

As Bianca was going up and down, her big breasts were swaying up and down with the same rhythm as well. Showing me a great sight.

I grabbed them both as Bianca continued to have my dick roam inside her. Seeing this mature beauty like this just really turns me on, so my dick got even harder.

After a bit, I threw her down and ordered her on all fours, which she happily moved into. I started fucking her from the back piercing deep inside her.

Bianca was already getting drowned in pleasure as the dick she had longed for was now fucking her hard.

The biggest motivation for me to start fucking her doggy style was that now instead of her breasts that I could play with when we were in cowgirl position, I could fully enjoy her incredible ass. And not holding back, some spanking sounds were quickly heard, usually accompanied by a nice moan coming out Bianca's mouth.

Just as much as I started to like spanking her, Bianca was feeling amazing from getting spanked. I didn't hold back and when I came inside her for the second time of the evening, both butt cheeks, were red from the spanking.

All the while Bianca feeling the semen filling her up once more, came hard as well. She should feel pain coming from her ass, but instead, she could only feel good.

Afterward, we fucked for a few more times before we finally collapsed on the bed again. Bianca lying on top of my chest, but both of us still awake.

"Your body is incredible Bianca, I'm really happy you decided to come to my room."

"Me too Drake, I was doubting it a bit. But I'm sure that if I decided to stay away I would regret it for the rest of my life. I'm very glad you've become not only my master but my man as well, even if I need to share you."

"Haha, to be honest, had you not come I wouldn't have stayed away from you acting like not had happened between us. From the moment I saw you masturbating to me, I decided you would become mine."

"You-, ah well I guess it doesn't matter now anyway."

"Then what do you want to do now. Go to sleep or have some more hot sex?"


"Oh that was quick, well let's not wait and get to it."

I immediately went on top of her kissed her deep and inserted my dick once again inside her pussy. After which we fucked like animals for quite a bit before finally passing out.

I had very sweet dreams that night as I finally conquered the other teacher I had set my sights on. She wasn't an easy one, but in the end, everything really fell in place and Bianca fell immediately. So now I not only have one extra woman, I have a slave to play with as well.

Thinking of the more extreme stuff the other's don't want to do get's me going. As right now I have Bianca who not only agrees to let me to it. She probably enjoys it quite a bit as well.

The next morning when I woke up I saw the announcement updating the major quest once more and now there was a slight difference than usual.

[Major quest update]

[Conquer the beauties and women in high positions at the magic school]

[Make the important women of this magic school yours and yours only. Every woman conquered will give Host a sub-reward and when all women have been conquered Host will get the Main reward. Women to be conquered:

Principal: Not

Angelica (Fire affinity teacher): Succeeded (reward: 100 SP)

Bianca (Wind affinity teacher): Succeeded (reward: 800 SP)

Alison (Student council president): Succeeded (reward: 400 SP)

Emily (Number 2 student): Succeeded (reward: 200 SP)

Additional reward:

One-time-use slave mark.

Time to finish the quest: Until you graduate.]

Not only had my SP reward doubled as it did with every woman conquered I had gotten an additional reward as well.

The one-time-use slave mark. Just like the name suggest it's a mark which I can tattoo on a woman and when successfully tattooed, the woman will obey my commands.

I haven't received an additional reward till now and I'm not quite sure as to why I would get one right now, while I haven't finished the quest fully yet.

The only theory I could see as plausible was that Bianca agreed to become my slave as well as my woman, so the system decided to reward me with a corresponding reward. To give me the ability to enslave a woman.

I don't really want to use it on any woman I like though. There's a big difference in conquering her myself or using this to make her a slave.

That said I won't shy away to enslave an enemy woman. If she's beautiful and has done some bad deeds, I won't be nice and let her go. I'm a good guy to my women and women I like, but that doesn't mean I'm a good guy to everyone.

So the mark could come in handy sometime. The downside of the mark though was that I would need a bit of time to tattoo the mark on someone's body, so I would either need to subdue the woman or she needed to have it tattooed on her body willingly.

But the chance of the second thing happening is abysmally small. So the only way I can see I will ever use it is if I want to make an enemy mine and she is dead set on not surrendering. But I can think about that when the time comes. Now I would shelve the item for possible later use.

After I finished up thinking about it Bianca woke up and I enjoyed some sweet ass morning sex with her before setting out.

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Before we left the room I did order her to insert a few vibrator eggs in her pussy and have them inside her during the day. Bianca oblivious as to what the eggs were, obeyed and put them inside. When I would be in her lesson later on it will be quite some fun to see her face when she finds out these eggs aren't very ordinary.

Sex toys in this world are very ordinary and usually, they are only some small dildo's, but with the system, I can buy almost all kinds of sex toys available in the world I first lived in. And even though things like these vibrator eggs needed a battery to work in my previous world, here they used the surrounding mana and used that to activate themselves. So they weren't the same as in my previous world but used some aspects from this world as well.

Most women who have been with me a long time have already enjoyed the pleasure of having sex coupled with some sex toys and now Bianca would experience the same.

But even if Bianca had known what the vibrator eggs would do inside her pussy, she still would have put them in. It's just more fun for me to see her face when she finds out the eggs vibrate pretty hard, while she is in class teaching students.

So very much looking forward to Bianca's class which would only be at the end of the day I started my training in magic once again. I thought that since a mission had popped up after trying to conjure light and dark magic. Perhaps other sorts of magic, like lightning would do the same.

But unfortunately, that didn't work. I tried it for a while, but no matter how long I tried or how much power I put into it the mission didn't appear. So I got the feeling that it would only work like this for dark and light magic.

Other elements would require other sorts of things for me to unlock the mission or perhaps it would be a reward for doing something else. So not thinking about that, for now, I once again started to train in mana manipulation and try to become stronger.

After training for half-a-day I made some very slight progress but needed to stop for now as it was finally time for Bianca's class. So I made my way to the building her classroom was located and I very much wanted to see what kind of face she would make when I activated the eggs.


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