The World Conqueror
1 Chapter 1: Who am I?
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The World Conqueror
Author :The_King
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1 Chapter 1: Who am I?

Knock knock, knock knock

"Check the door it's probably your Dad coming back from work."

Knock knock, knock knock

"Yes, coming"

I opened the door to see my father Abd El Kader or how his friends call him Kader, unloading the vegetables from his car.

"Help unload the vegetables from the car, leave the potatoes for me they are heavy for you."

"I can handle it Dad, don't worry, I'm all grow.....ahem, going to leave it for you hehe."

"Hahaha, I knew you listen well boy hahaha."

"I'm 20 years already."

"Yes, a 20 years old boy hahaha."

"Stop teasing him honey and bring all of those vegetables to the kitchen faster." Mom's voice came from the kitchen.

"Yes Honey(mom)"

We brought the last sake of Potatoes to the kitchen, Father patted me on the shoulder and said before going upstairs

"Ok young man, this old man here will go take a good shower and rest a little. It's good to be this young you are still ready to dance even after carrying all that stuff back and forward. anyway, don't go anywhere I've something to tell you later."

I noded while being confused, what does my father want to say to me?

Why bother myself thinking about it if I won't know till later, so I just got myself comfortable in the living room, grabbed my phone and started surfing the net.

Who Am I?

Well, I'm Imad the youngest son of my parents and the second youngest in their children, got one young sister and one big brother and sister who are both married, I'm 20 years old this year I live in a country called Algeria which the biggest country in Africa and the tenth in the world. I live in the Province of Tipaza, The District of Kolea and The Commune of Kolea, the life in my neighbourhood is peaceful but boring, having my best friend living one and a half hour walk away from my home added to it.

Yes, my life is dull exempt when I attend my classes at the university.

From my home to the university, and vice versa. Other than that I'm a good fighter since I used to fight almost daily in my school years.

"Honey, Imad, Aisha the dinner is ready!"


Well, this is me. Now since you know Who I am, let's go back to the story.

"Coming Mom"

"Where is Aisha?, is she still not lowering the Headphones volume? Don't she know this is dinner time!"My Dad asked, a little bit annoyed.

"Go bring your sister Imad, go go."My Mom hurried me afraid my Dad will get angry

I had no chance but to go upstairs and knock on her bedroom door,

Knock knock, knock knock.

Still no answer?

Oh shit, I forgot she is using her headphones. I opened her bedroom door, only to be greeted by a 16 years old rebellious girl jumping and dancing like crazy in the silent room.

I couldn't help myself from smiling, seeing her happy and smiling like that makes me happy.

This brat. sigh

"Dinner is ready, time to stop being crazy, little girl." I said after taking her Headphone off her head.

"I'm not hungry you can all eat by yourselves."

"Now Aisha!, and no talking back."

Even though she is rebellious with my parents, she is still like a little cat with me.

"Okay." She said while pouting and making an angry face on me.

After going downstairs, we found out that my parents were whispering while my mom was giggling and getting all shy, it seems like these two were flirting

"Ahem, Dad Aisha is here, can't wait till later."

"Wait for what?" Asked a confused Aisha who just got down.

"Cough, cough, nothing little girl, sit down and let's start eating" replied an embarrassed Dad while glaring at me.

I couldn't stop myself from grinning

"I'm 20 years old already Dad hahaha."

"Ok, enough. Let's start eating." replied a shy Mom

After we finished eating, Mom dragged Aisha to the kitchen to help her clean the dishes, while dad pulled me toward the living room, saying he got something to tell me.

"Sit lad, this old man, got something important to tell you, so listen well."

"Yes, Dad." Seeing him getting solemn all of a sudden, made me think he might want to tell me something important.

"Listen Imad, I spoke to Malek a while ago, and he said, he can help you enter the police force with a good rank and payment, what do you think?"

"Dad, you already know my answer, why bother asking."

"Imad!, can't you stop dreaming hopeless dreams for god's sake!"

"They are not hopeless dreams, Dad. And I will accomplish them one day."

"How can conquering the world, not be a Fucking Useless Dream!"

"They are not to me! Please don't look down on my dreams."

"Mom, shouldn't we stop them?"

"Just focus on cleaning the dishes, Aisha."

"Are you sure we shouldn't?"

"When men are talking, we should never interfere. Stick that in your mind, you little brat."

"Ok, Mom."

"Looking down on your dreams!? You Fucking Bastard!, How in the fuck did Amira got pregnant with you! you useless shit!."

"She got pregnant by you, and I'm not a useless bastard, I already have men under me!."

"10 worthless pieces of shit!. Fuck you! Fuck them!."



"Well, that was intense Dad." I said.

"It was all bottomed up, you sure you won't change your mind?."

"I'm sure Dad. So, please don't ask me again."

"Sigh, go for it then, go and Conquer the World, let them be under the rule of a Kharchi Dynasty! hehe"

"Sure, Dad. Don't worry I will!."

"I'm tired now I'm gonna go sleep, don't stay all night outside come earlier today."


"I heard there is a gang that moved from Tipaza to here because of a lost war so be careful and tell your men to be careful as well."

"Tipaza, the Province capital....don't worry Dad, I will."

"Ok, Good night."

"Good night, Dad."

seeing Dad going upstairs, and pondering about what he said, for some reason, I felt like something wrong might happen today.

Hopefully not.


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