The World Conqueror
2 Chapter 2: A Chance!
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The World Conqueror
Author :The_King
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2 Chapter 2: A Chance!

"Lower the music down, the Boss is calling."

"Hurry, Ahmed. Lower the Music."

"The Boss hate it when we take too long to answer the phone."

"Hi, Djamal. Where are you?."

"Hi, Boss. I'm with the men now in the garage."

"Okay, tell them not to go anywhere, I'm coming."

"Yes, Boss."

"What did he say, Captain?."

"He is coming, and we shouldn't go anywhere."

"The Boss never restrain us, something happened."

"You are right Amir. Karim, check in the net if something new happened here in kolea."

"On it Captain."

"Bilal, stand guard outside. Amir, Ahmed, Idir clean this garage, I want it to look and smell good before the Boss arrives!."


"Faycal and the rest bring the suits and let's prepare ourselves for the boss."

It took me a while, to arrive at the garage. It seems like what dad said was right, as I was driving I could see at least half dozen police cars, parked on the roads, the Police were all around the place, and it's not just this Commune, even the entire District of Kolea is alarmed, the same for the neighbouring Districts.

Just what in the hell did this gang do?.

When I arrived at the garage, I found my men, lining at the gates, with their Black suites, they looked good.

"Boss, you arrived."

"Let's go inside."

"Yes, Boss!"(x10)

My garage is a secretly built 2 level underground garage. With the last level used as the Headquarter, and the entire garage, used as my base. We took the elevator to the last level.

I was greeted at the door, by Karim and Nago, an African guy who immigrated from Mali, he is a great guy and a trustable on that.

"Karim, tell me what you got." I asked since Karim is our Hacker and informer, you tell him what you want, he will get it for you.

That's how we got this secretly built place, without spending any money, it was the company who made it for us, that paid for it.

Aren't they generous?

"I managed to hack into the Police Headquarter database and found something interesting. There was a big fight in the Capital province Tipaza yesterday. It seems like some of the new rising gangs there, joined together, in what you can call the first of its kind of coalition in Algeria."

"Damn, What just happened in the capital city?" Djamal exclaimed

"Karim, Keep on going."

"Yes, Boss."

"The coalition was Headed by the notorious gang, The Black Crow. Launched a surprise attack at the Headquarter of The Eternity gang, or as known as The Old General."

"Fuck, they've got guts to do that." Exclaimed Bilal this time

"The coalition consist of 10 gangs, of course, they have guts " replied Karim.

"Fucking hell, what the hell happened in the capital?!" Even I couldn't keep calm at this point

"Karim, tell us who won." Asked Idir

"Of course the coalition, are you stupid in the head? this is 10 freaking gangs against one gang. This never happened before in our country!" replied an excited Sofiane.

"Sorry to disappoint you but they actually lost and all of them are on the run!."

"Fucking hell Karim, you are giving me a shock after shock!." exclaimed Djamal

"What are the statics of this fight?" I asked feeling my blood start boiling.

"On the coalition side,129 dead members, 486 are in the hospitals under the protection of the Police since the number fell from 658 injured members, while there are about 1325 missing members so far. As for the Eternity gang, or The Old General since they showed their claws by taking firearms out they didn't lose that many members, about 35 are dead, 136 in hospitals protected by both the police and their fellow members, without anyone missing so far, but have more than 800 members on the run from the authorities because of the used firearms."

"So you are telling me they had more than 800 firearms?!"

"Fucking hell even the entire police force, here on kolea, have less than 800 pieces of firearms!"

"What the fuck is going on here! Gangs fight at this level in our country and our province on top of that!"

"Shut the fuck up you bastard!" I yelled




"Tell me who run to our place here, which fucking gang, run to our place!"

"Luckily, it's the weakest and the most damaged gang in the coalition, The Tigers, or knowns as Al Nomour. The info I got stats that they are left with only 160 members" replied Karim

"hahaha, finally we have our chance to chine lads! they are low on moral and in hiding, there is no way that all of the 160 members are hiding in the same place so we just need to poach them group by group either by talking or by fists!"

"Boss, are we really going to do it!"

"is this really our chance?!"

"Prepare yourselves, today the country shall see the rise of the Shadow Guards!"

"Nago, those friends of yours who wanted to join us, go bring them here!"

"Got it, Boss"

"Idir, you said you know a group of teenagers, go bring them for me, I don't care what you do threaten them beat them or even kill one to scare the others, I don't care, just bring them here!"

"Got it, Boss"

"Faycel go to your father store and bring us more suits, Amir and Ahmed will go with you!"

"Roger Boss"

"Karim, hack into the CCTV, computers, I don't care what the fuck you hack into, just bring me the locations of all the members!"

"On it boss!"

"Sofiane, Foad, and Bilal get more tables and chairs to the two floors above and get everything in place, I want to show all the new guys what we are capable of!"

"Roger Boss"

"Djamal, help me set the floor here to look more like a headquarter fit for a great gang!"

"Yes, Boss" was the replay of a teary Djamal.

Finally, I'm about to take the first step to my dream!

I'll start with this small commune all the way to a country before the World!

Father, you shall see the world will be ruled under us the Karachi!


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