The World Conqueror
3 Chapter 3: Surprise Attack!
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The World Conqueror
Author :The_King
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3 Chapter 3: Surprise Attack!

"Listen up lads, the Boss, is giving you a chance now. You probably learned that there is an escaped gang, hiding in our place. They think this place is already theirs, and that Kolea is already their territory. But, my Boss, thinks differently."

"Nago, you mean he is going to..."

"Yes, Bamao. My Boss is going to attack them. we already have our men getting ready!"

"Your Boss is Daring!"

"Not just Daring! He is Fucking crazy!"

"They are not some shitty band here, they are Al Nomour, even though they are damaged, and weak. Still, they are strong!"

"How can you rule, if you are not crazy and daring! You will get Black suits, the signature of our Gang, plus weapons, like big knives, machetes, and swords."

"Fucking Hell! are we going to kill, Nago?"

"If we have to, or if the Boss wants us to. Yes, we are going to kill!"

"So, are you ready? I had to beg the boss, to let you get this chance! either take it or regret it later, just to let you know, joining us, means joining the Brotherhood, no one will attack you when you have your brothers."

"Damn, this is crazy!"



"Fuck it!, Let's do this Nago, I'm in."

"Me the same, let's do this."




Similiar things were occurring in different parts of kolea, without anyone knowing, a large crowd of more than two hundred, were gathering in a simple plain looking garage.

"Damn, there is a lot of people here Amir!"

"Can we handle them?"

"You don't need to worry, Idir. The boss is coming."

"Yes, the Boss can handle it for sure!"

"He is already here!"

when I stood in front of the crowd, seeing them all looking at me, waiting for me to speak, to say something, made my blood boil, my Heart thumb faster, it made me excited, that I couldn't control myself!

"Listen up you bastards! Imad is my name. For those who don't know me, I'm the Boss of the Shadow Guards. Today as everyone saw, there are some bastards, who trespassed into my territory, and even started seeing it as their place. What do you think I should do?"

"Screw them up, Boss!" Amir said.

"Beat them, Boss!" Ahmed followed.

Some of the youngest men couldn't stop themselves from feeling their blood boil and had to scream

"How dare they think of kolea as theirs!"

"They don't put us in their eyes at all!"

"We should show them that they messed with the wrong guys!"

"Fuck them, Boss!"




"Today is a chance for you! a chance for you to join the Shadow Guard, a chance to be a Shadow!"

Hearing them screaming, and seeing them getting excited, I stopped for a moment.

"I'm going to attack these bastards in the middle of the night, for each member of those bastards you capture, I will accept a new member!"

"You capture ten, ten of you will become Shadows!"

"You capture one hundred, one hundred of you will become Shadows!"

"You capture them all, and all of you will become shadows!"

"Now wear those suits, grab those weapons. Cuz tonight we are hunting all night long!"

Seeing them jumping and screaming like crazy, made my already boiled blood boil more and more!

"Damn it! these cops, are so fucking annoying, its already been two days since we've come here, and they are still on alert!"

"well, at least they are not searching place by place."

"Shut up, and give a cigarette."

"Yeah, yeah. Always, shutting me up when you feel annoyed."

"Got problem with that you bastard?"

"Yes, I got a problem."


"You dared come to my territory, and you don't know who I am."

"Your territory? No one controls Kolea!"

"The Shadow Guards does!"

"The Shadow Guards? Who are they? And since when?"



I grinned at his answer, looking at the excited men behind me, I said while whistling

"Time to hunt boys!"

"Screw them up!

"That guy is my capture hahaha."

"My ticket to joining the Shadow Guard hahaha."


"We are The Tiger gang! You dare attack us!"

"Like we give a fuck!"

"Only Shadows rule here!"

"Grab them!"

Similar scenes were happening all around Kolea, from north to west, and from south to east, screaming, yelling, swearing and begging voices could be heard.

Meanwhile, in the Police headquarter of kolea

"Chief, bad, this is bad!"

"Calm down Officer, calm down and tell me whats happening."

"Fights, big fights all over Kolea."

"Are the Al Nomour attacking?"

"No, sir. They are under the attack of another gang!"

"Another gang? Did the Old General hunt them all the way here?"

"No, sir. It's a local rising gang. They call themselves the Shadow Guards, and they wear black suits, and fight with black painted crowbars."

"The Shadow Guards? Who is their leader?"

"Sorry sir, we couldn't find anything, nor see what happened. In fact, all the information we got, was from civilians who called us."

"What do you mean? What about security cameras?"

"None sir, it seems like they have a group of professional hackers, who are interfering with everything."

"Damn it! Are you telling me we are blind on what's happening here?"


"Deploy everyone this instance! I don't care how, but I want everything under control before the sunrise!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Sofiane, take another road, the cops are ahead of you!"

"Which road?"

"Left one!"

"got it, Karim."

"Hey, you! What's your name?"

"Kamal, Kamal is my name, Karim."

"Great! Kamel, bring us more coffee, we have a long game to play with cops hehehe!"

"Amir, the cops are on the way, finish it quickly and move on."

"Got it, Karim!"

"Bilal, Idir, their back up is coming your way, be careful."

"Roger, Karim! Just get someone to help us out!"

"Djamel, change your road, go back up Bilal, and Idir, enemy reinforcement going their way."

"On my way!"

"Boss, Cops coming your way, move quickly!"

"Got it, Karim. Ok, load these bastards faster in the vans cops are coming!"

"Got it, Boss!"


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