The World Conqueror
4 Chapter 4: Unstopable!
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The World Conqueror
Author :The_King
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4 Chapter 4: Unstopable!

"Unit 3, what's the situation?"

"Nothing here sir! Only bloodstained floor!"

"What about you, unit 6?"

"Nothing here, only empty bloodstained streets, sir!"

Damn it! They are really like shadows! We can't even see them! Just who in the hell are they?

"Officer Samir, the Chief is asking for you."

"Ok, coming."

Damn it! Damn it! God damn it!


"Officer, You disappoint me! How can't you capture at least one of those bastards, when you have all the personals of Kolea under you!"

"Chief, can I speak freely?"

"Go ahead, Samir."

"Thank you, Chief. These Basterds are like fucking shadows as if they know everything about us! When are we coming! And from where are we coming!"

"What do you mean by that, Samir? We have rats in our ranks?"

"I'm not that sure, sir! It's either, we have rats in our ranks, or we are infiltrated to the highest degree by their hackers."

"We are infiltrated to the highest degree? What do you mean by that Samir?"

"What I mean by that sir, is.."

tring tring, tring tring

"Wait for a second, let me answer it."

"Hello, this is Kolea Police Departement Chief, who is with me?"

"Oh, Hi Mister Chief! I'm Shadow Guards, Shadow King! How are you, Chief!"

"Shadow Lord?"

"You don't know me? I'm the one you guys have been searching for, from last night!"

"You are the leader of The Shadow Guards! You fucking bastard, turn yourself right now!"

"Wow! Chief that's a tough thing, I can't do it sorry, so sorry! Anyway, did you like the show last night? Al Nomour is gone, aren't you happy? I did a great deed for the community! Now Kolea can go back to peace, aren't you happy?"

"You are no better than Al Nomour! Turn yourself in, and you will do a greater deed for the community!"

"Well, let's talk about something else. Now, that you have seen our strength, you know that we can see you, we can hear you, and we can play with you. Don't you think that we can attack you as well?"

"Are you threatening us?!"

"Yes, I am."

"You dare!"

"Return everything, back to normal, lower the level of the alert, or you will regret it. By the way, how are the little women you have been playing with In your secret basement?"

"You! How did you know?!"

"Hehe, don't make me repeat myself, ok? Honorable Chief?"

"Sigh, you win."

"Happy to hear that, Chief! We really should consider working more together. Don't you think?"

Seeing the chief putting the phone down while sighting nonstop, really gave me a bad feeling, especially after seeing his shocked face, did this Shadow King threaten him? And what the Chief said, made my guess correct!

"Sigh... Kolea is safe now. All the units are to back down, there is no need for us, to maintain this level of alert anymore."

"Chief, are we giving up?"

"There was nothing in the first place for us to give up."

"We can get them, just give me more time, and I'll make sure to capture them all for you!"

"Enough! his is an order Officer!"


"Ok, you can leave."

Meanwhile, in the Shadow Guards Headquarter, All the captured members of Al Nomour were being disciplined by the Sadow Guards members, under the lead of Djamal.

"How is it going Djamal?"

"Boss, Some are starting to give up. But, The leader and the core members, are still holding on."

"They won't be able to hold on much longer, don't worry about it. Just keep on getting us more Shadows."

"Don't worry Boss!"

While walking to the elevator, and seeing all the new members, greeting me with respect, couldn't stop myself from getting excited! My gang, of just ten members, now has over three hundred members, and this number is still rising every day. All of this is happening due to last night quick like lighting attack on the Al Nomour, we got, most of the people living here support, and most of the Youngsters enthusiasm to join us. Kolea is slowly becoming mine!

"Here is The Morning Bird News, bringing you the latest news of the Kolea gang war, or as some people call it, the protection war of Kolea. Today we have our guest Boulam, a former gang member, to help us analyze the situation. Thank you for accepting our invitation, and joining us on the show Boulam."

"No problem Amina."

"So Boulam, what are your thoughts on this fight or on this gang called Shadow Guards?"

"This is something I never thought would happen, I mean who would have thought that a small commune-like Kolea could have such a highly organized gang, a specialized team of hackers who will help their gang missions goes smoothly without the authorities interfering. As we also heard, all of their members wear black suits and fight with black painted crowbars. and this is a show of their unity, a show of a highly organized team or even organization."

"Yes, I heard of that. what got me wondering when I heard the news was, if the Al Nomour didn't run to Kolea, will this Shadow Guard Showed themselves?"

"I really can't guess, nor do I dare to. The attack was simply, a fast simple attack. They knew where everyone was, how the police forces moved and acted. It's like showing that they can see all of Kolea no one can escape them, nor decisive them."

"Indeed, the question that remains in most people heads is, is this gang, or organization a bad thing, or a good thing? How will the government act against them? Our viewers, this was Amina with you, in your daily Morning Bird News, see you next time!"

"Honey, here is your coffee."

"Thank you, dear."

"Are the news still talking about what happened yesterday?"

"Yes, look at all of the people praising and cheering the leader of the Shadow Guards, they even named him the protector of Kolea, the protector of the people."

"You look happy, don't you?"

"Of course I'm happy! That's my boy, my pride they are praising and cheering! He is finally after twenty years, taking his first step, toward his goal hahaha!"

"Weren't you the one fighting with him daily, telling him to stop dreaming these useless dreams?"

"Who? Me? Are you sure? I have never done anything like that!"

"Of course you never did anything like that!"

"But I'm definitely, going to do something with you tonight hehe."

"You naughty man!"



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