The World Conqueror
5 Chapter 5: A Declaration of War!
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The World Conqueror
Author :The_King
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5 Chapter 5: A Declaration of War!

When everyone thought, that they could release a breather, that things could go back to normal. The Shadow Guards declared it's self, to both authorities, and surrounding gangs. That they are in control now in the district of Kolea. And that any attacks, or movements against it, will be accounted, as a declaration of war against The Shadow Guards. And their ending will be similar to Al Nomour.

Hearing, and seeing the news, all the media and news companies went into a frenzy. With all the News and talk shows, speaking about it. And again, when everyone thought that things are going to calm down, a leaked on purpose news received by the media, revealed that a gang in the district of Ziralda, called The Babloss, declared it's self, the ruler of the district of Fouka. An obvious sign of provocation, since Fouka is one of the border districts of kolea. How will The Shadow Guards react? How will the government react? No one knows, but everyone is eager to see how it goes.

Meanwhile, in the headquarter of The Shadow Guards, which received an expansion, due it's large member capacity of more than three thousands members, it had taken more than three streets, with all of the living people there, members of the Shadow Guards and their families.

This expansion, of course, didn't go unnoticed by the police force but what can they do when no orders came from their higher-ups. So the expansions went smoothly, with no setbacks.

And at the entrance of a four Stories building, in the deepest part of the Shadow Guard territory, a group of three men arrived at the entrance.

"Is this really, the Shadow Guards headquarter, Boss?"

"I feel like I'm visiting a minister or something, just look at those guards damn it!"

"Fucking hell Boss! They have guns look!"

"This is no gang Boss."

I heard that this new rising gang is powerful, and even some guys compare it to the ones in the province capital. But hearing and seeing by myself, opened my eyes for me. All along the streets, we were walking, there were no police officers, only the Black suits wearing members of the Shadow Guards. There were sentries and guards from the entrance of the street to here, especially where we can even see weapons, like guns, and machine guns, patrols all over the area, and the amazing part is that the people here, who are walking, shopping, running, eating, and chatting, are okay with all of this. Just who in the hell is their leader?

"Shut up, and let's go!"

We just walked a few steps toward the building entrance, when we got stopped by the guards.

"Hold! Who are you and what business do you have here!"

"I'm the leader of Foukas gang, Sons of the Ghoul, or as many people know it by the name, Awlad Al Ghoul. I'm here to speak with your leader."

"Ok, wait a second. I'll let the higher-ups know."

We were kept waiting inside a room in the building, for about a minute, before we got someone, takes us to the third floor. And damn the security inside is on another level! Fucking hell! Who are these guys!

We didn't need to wait that long this time, before a group of people followed by guards entered the room, under the lead of a seemingly young guy?

When I saw the three people waiting inside the room, my smile couldn't get wider. I don't even need to fight them now, I can get Fouka just like this, for free! As for the bastards of Zeralda, I never had them in my eyes in the first place.

"Hahaha, welcome brother Ayoub, welcome!"

"You know me?"

"Of course, I do. Nothing can escape my intelligence team!"

If they just knew, that my team consists of only Karim and his coffee boy...

"Then do they know my reason for visiting you, sir....?"

"Call me Shadow Ayoub, Shadow King."

"Shadow King...."

"As for the reason why you are here, of course, it is to cooperate against The Babloss....and of course to become a shadow!"

"Become a shadow? Sir Shadow...King, I think you are misunderstanding something here!"

"No, I'm getting everything correctly. Let me tell you something, you have seen our power moments ago, did you think that's all, what The Shadow Guards are capable of? That's just the tip of it lad! If I wanted to take Fouka by force, I would have done it long ago!"

"Then why you didn't?"

"Don't you think, getting a territory without losing anything, is better than taking it by force, while having losses? In fact, while gaining new members and income source?"


"Just save your, and your people asses, and become shadows. As for those guys of Babloss, hem! They dare provoke me, we will finish them in two days. If we don't get a response from you by tomorrow morning, you will be after the Babloss. now this meeting is concluded, hopefully, we can see you waiting as a shadow in Doawda, with your guys."

"Do you think he will agree, Boss?"

"Does it matter, Djamal?"

"Not really, we can just sweep them with the other gangs that didn't surrender yet."

"Yeah, right. How many gangs surrendered?"

"About 23 gangs accepted our conditions and joined the Shadows. While 12 refused. This increased our members count to seven thousand, six hundreds and eighty-two."

"Great, how about the discipline in the ranks?"

"It's above good, thanks to most of our members, passing the one-year army duty. We have about five hundred, sixty-three trainers who are training our members."

"Great! Get them to train faster! Tell the trainers, I want excellent discipline, by the end of the month!"

"Also, tell the media, we are attacking!"

"Got it, Boss!"

Later, in that evening, a news that rocked Tipaza Province, and released new waves of discussions and debates. When The Shadow Guards, released a declaration of War, against The Babloss in a domineering way, saying they will finish them in two days! And any other gangs, in the surrounding, should surrender, or they will have similar fate!


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