The World Conqueror
6 Chapter 6: Ziralda Battle! Part 1
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The World Conqueror
Author :The_King
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6 Chapter 6: Ziralda Battle! Part 1

Chapter 6: Ziralda Battle! Part 1!

"Boss, are they really coming?"

"Yeah Boss, they are taking way talking!"

"Their 'king' said they will come, so we will wait."

"But it's almost 2 am, Boss!"

"Can't you just shut that fucking mouth of yours for a second! Otherwise, I'm going to.."

"Movements Boss!!"

looking toward the road, I see cars lights. One, two, three,...what the fuck?

"Boss, that the military?"

"Stupid, do military guys have black cars?"

"It's endless Boss! I cants see the end of them!"

"Just how many did that guy send to war?"

Black cars from different types started lining up on the road, then men all in black suites started getting out of the cars, damn it! They were like ants, so many of them. They started spreading around till they had all the area covered. Most of them held Black painted crowbars, but there were some who held real....guns. Are they planning to kill?!

Suddenly I was cut off my thoughts by them parting, to allow a Black I think, Mercedes-Benz CLK63 which parked right in front of us.




The car parked right in front of them, my men, personal bodyguards, went out of the car first then the door was opened for me by their leader, Hakim.

"Hahaha, you are all here! Aahh Ayoub, You are here as well! Good!Good! You all did great, and you all shall be rewarded!" Mentioning for Hakim, he ordered the men to bring some boxes and place them near these gangs leaders feets.

"Half of these boxes have black suits, while the other half has crowbars in them.

Use them to equip your men, then you are to accompany us to see the glory of the Shadow Guards! and what does it mean to be a member of the Shadows!"

Without waiting for their replay, I went back to my car, and it drove to the middle of my army.

To show Everyone how capable, and to set it as a warning. I brought a 1000 men strong, all of them are my elites.

These past two days were amazing, the recruits kept on coming non stop from kolea or the nearby places.

It didn't take long before we were on the road again. And as promised, all of the opposing gangs were eradicated along the way.

The Babloss are a joke, thinking they can fight us.


"Yes, Boss!"

"Have someone film all of this and release it later to the media."

"Including the fight Boss?"

"Yes, Just edit it before you send it, there are stuff that can't be shown."

"Ok, got it Boss!"

The cleaning of the rif raf gangs, or at least that's how I like to call them. From the beginning to the end, took us about two hours. It was around 4 am when we arrived to the Babloss headquarter. A bunch of guys were waiting outside for us.

"Go tell the men to attack, I'm tired and a little bit sleepy, Hakim. I'll be watching from here, so tell them to be quick."

"Ok, Boss"

"Attack and show these bastards what happen to those who messes with The Shadow Guards!"


"For the Shadows!"

"Beat the shit out of these bastards!"

"For The Shadow King!"

"Fuck you! You dare challenge us!"

"Babloss? Babloss my ass!"

"Fuck you Mothefuckers!!"

Fists, crowbars, bats, sticks, everything that can hurt was used, swearing of all levels was used, and as expected the Babloss were beaten to shit. Their boss, he ...aamm... doesn't have a human face anymore, poor bastard.




"And this is the video clip that our men managed to get, a chaotic fight, screams and swearing that we had to add a lot of beeping sound. What do you think about this Boulame? No authority reaction, no police presence?"

"Thank you, Amina. Well I can't say anything toward authorities, but I think the police might have had interference from the Shadow Guards hackers. They have shown them selves as a powerful and strong element in all of these events, this just show how much dangerous they are!"


In another place in Kolea underground.

"Asho!! Who is badmouthing me?"

"Who would bother about you Karim!"

"Go to hell Idir!"



"The fight shows the compete dominance of their men, the superior numbers and equipment. and this show just how powerful they are.

And also, just my opinion. I think they are using this battle as a show of power and a warning to other parties, it's like they are saying 'this is our turf you better for you to play in other place' something like this."

"Thank you Boulame for your analysis!

and ladies and gentlemen, and everyone who is watching us. A break and we will return with more on this event!"



"Boss, we are recieving good public reaction from our newly controlled areas exempt of Ziralda."

"I expected that, they are having a tough living conditions there, with thugs all over the place. mmm, do this, send a company of one hundred men to clean the place out, and lets start helping the poor first, we need to get the people's trust and support."

"Should we send the thugs to the rehabilitation camp?"

"Yes, with Uncle Mokhtar training they will be tuned into a fresh good Shadow recruits.

And Djamel, hat do you think of not expanding anymore?"

"Why Boss? No one can stop us now! shouldnt we sprint forward Hen the roads are open clear?"

"Not this time,. we took many places and now it's time to reorganize. We also need to think of our people, we need to improve the living conditions of the people here. We need to have a good grasp o these lands so not even the government can play tricks on us in them.

Also too much attention is bad, if we continue expanding the government will finally have to move against us to stop us, or better finish us. They still didn't because they are already occupied. Also don't forget the big guys, they won't allow us to grow under their noses. At least we should give everyone the idea that we are satisfied with what we have and that we are not ambitious, at least until we have a great foundation and power."

"I see, I didn't think that far Boss."

"It's okay, now here I have these few projects that can improve the living conditions and people support, here take a look. This one here we need to build ...."


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