The World Conqueror
7 Chapter 7: Ziralda Battle! Part 2
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The World Conqueror
Author :The_King
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7 Chapter 7: Ziralda Battle! Part 2

Chapter 07: Ziralda Battle! Part 2.

"Dear, What are they doing?"

"They are doing something good! Something very good!"

"What's wrong dear! Your face is super red that it is scary! You look scary! Are you sick? What's wrong dear?"

"I'm not sick women!! I'm excited dear! Super excited!!"

"What is it dear? What are you so excited for?"

"They are cleaning the streets! all the thugs are being beaten before taken in the vans! All the guys they took are bad people honey, there even those bastards who kept on tormenting us!"

"Really dear? They look to me like they are kidnapping people."

"What would you know women, hemph! Now, I can go to work freely without being afraid I get robed!"

"I guess then I should say this is a great and happy day, dear!"

"Yes, hahaha! Cook that chicken honey. Today we are going to party and play all night babe! hehe!"

"Aaa, hahaha that's aaa, not here dear! Hahahaha!"




Similar scene,....or at least like that, were happening all around Ziralda. The Shadow Guards members were quick in their actions. After getting their information on who the thugs are, and who did bad. They went straight for action, it's been already the fifth day and they have already apprehended more than five hundred people both male and female. At the same time, they started to work on improving the infrastructures and increasing, improving the living conditions of the people under their rule by starting to build four hospitals. Their own Post-houses, watchtowers, guards stations for security. At the same time they set up more than 15 temporary camps, with chelters for the homeless, temporary fields hospitals for healing injured people, food distribution stations.




"Hello Ladies and gentlemen, hello our loyal watchers! Today, we are going to talk about the Shadow Guards actions in the last three months, but before that let me introduce to you one of our favourite guests, Boulame. Welcome Boulame!"

"Thank you Amira, and as always I'm glad and honoured to be your guest, and one of the favourites on that."

"Hahaha, glad to hear that! So Boulame, what do you think is happening in Kolea and it's surroundings, basically the Shadow Guards territory?"

"Well, three months earlier, we saw a hanger for power gang or organisation raising to power, and most of us if not all, thought that they are dangerous and need to be stopped. And they indeed stopped, but by themselves. This act showed us that they are not hungry for power, otherwise they could have steamrolled the open territories waiting for them, they are not ambitious, and that they are satisfied with what they have. Next, we saw during these three months, their vicious but effective ways of cleaning their 'turf' from thugs and such, they beated them soon bad, then took them, not 'kidnapped them' to what they call their rehabilitation camp, where they trained them like hell, by also beating up till they forgot their mothers, and instilled in them loyalty and goodness, they taught them, and I quote from one of the trainers "We teach them to be loyal, to know when to be good people, when to help and protect the people, and we also teach them when to be vicious, when to beat without betting their eyes the people as well." so they are like our army, who live to protect the people and our country, but can also be vicious when the people go overboard.

Also, they had started many projects and finished many, like the hospitals they built, the roads, electricity generators under ground, water lines, gas lines to the many villages, many jobs for the young people, schools they've built, security they've increased by building watchtowers and their own versions of police stations, Shadows Stations, night patrols and many other things, you know Amira, I did a research and found out that in our entire country only their territory is safe all 24 hours of the day and night circle, you can go out any time you want without getting robed, or herrased because you are a beautiful women, its safe. the lowest crime rate in our count comes from there. they have no prison, they just send them to the rehabilitation camp. At the end I want to talk about the Mosques they have built, which garnered them both the people and the Imams support, specially the later."

"Indeed, they also have many other projects in work. They said in their latest released news, that they are created by the people for the people, and that's what they are doing, and anyone interested in working with them is welcome. what do you think of that statement?"

"Well, it can mean many things, they are making funds, or they want to increase their influence or many other things, we can only be sure after we see their next actions."

"Indeed! Well our time is up, thank you Boulame for your presence here with us."

"No problem, it's my pleasure Amira."

"And thank you ladies..."




"He is a good talker, that Boulame. can be a good diplomat, he knows when to talk and when to avoid talking and what to say to not anger any party while conveying his opinion. What do you think Djamal?"

"I think he could be a good asset for the organisation, Boss."

"Indeed, try to contact him and get him to our side."

"Yes, Boss. Should I also contact Amira, the journalist?"

"Ahem...W...Why would you do that?!"

"You've been watching all of her shows lately, even checking her Instagram when ever you can, hehehe."

"How did.....No I wasn't!"

"Boss is interested in her? should I kidnappe her for you?"

"Go to hell Hakim! Kidnap your ass! just....get me her number..."

"Got it Boss!"

Grabbing his phone and dialing a number he said"Mission SS Class initiated, get the Journalist Amira, phone number without rising suspicion, failing to do that will get you punished, Mission time limit is 2 days. Mission!"

lowering his voice he whispered something that I couldn't hear.

"Also, eliminate anyone who is trying to court her, or take her from our boss, she is the boss women."

"Roger that!"




"Djamal, remind me Why in the fuck did I chose him as my bodyguards leader, and personal one as well?"

"You said....aaahhhh....that you liked his personality..."

"Fuck me life...."




emm, why do I feel weird? As if something is coming for me?

"What's wrong Boulame?"

"Nothing Amira, you free now."

"Yes, I am, why?"

"Then, should we go grab a coffee together?"

"Yes, sure."




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