Undertale The Protector
3 Goat is gone
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Undertale The Protector
Author :AkiHuiWriting
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3 Goat is gone

"Well, that was, one way to avoid fighting hehe..."

◄█ You know it´s bad when even toriel doesn´t know what to say █►

Shut up... i get it. Now stop.

"I am really glad since you didn´t hurt the monster. But next time try talking with it okay?"


We continue on our way till i see another poster.

[Western room is the eastern room´s blueprint.]

ehmmm what? I don´t understand that one.

◄█ Let´s just continue. █►

We resumed our traveling up until we arrived in front of the sea of spikes.

"I don´t think we can pass through here..."

"Don´t worry my child, This is just another puzzle. Here, take my hand for a moment. I don´t want you to get hurt."

I took her big paws.. The sensation was amazing. It was so smooth and nice to touch. Like a pillow.

◄█ Enjoying are we? █►

Of course she is so soft, ahhh

◄█ Gross...█►

We easily passed through all the spikes while holding hands.

"Puzzles seem a little too dangerous for now."

Toriel said that as she walked into another room.

Great, another room... My legs are hurting a bit .

"You Have Done Excellently thus far, my child.

However i have a difficult request to ask of you."

"Okay? So what is it?"

I am kinda afraid now.

" ... I would like you to walk to the end of the room by yourself"

Is that it? I don´t see a problem in that. Do you see any traps or something?

◄█ No... █►

"Forgive me for this"

"Well i don´t mi-"

Toriel dashed forward with an incredible speed leaving behind only particles of dust.

What was that about..

This corridor is long and i am afraid my legs won´t make it, at this rate she will have to carry me .

Anyway, let´s go after her.


Some time later....

We are on this path 5 minutes already and nothing is happening.. Is it possible that there is some kind of puzzle that we need to complete before proceeding?

◄█ Impossible, just continue .█►

Alright alright... i am still pretty sure i am insane but i will obey you The voice in my head,

◄█ ... █►

After another 5 minutes we have finally arrived at the end of the corridor.

"Ahhh my poor legs.."

From within the pillar, Toriel appeared. I jumped up straight and gooseflesh pimpled my skin.

"Oh don´t be scared my child it´s me. Do not worry i did not leave you."

I got scared shittless right there.

◄█ hehe █►

Why are you laughing... Everyone would be scared if she jumped into your face.

And i have a feeling you knew she was there.

◄█ ... █►

Silence hmmm .

"It´s alright Toriel, i just wasn´t really sure if there was some kind of puzzle that i needed to do before proceeding ."

"Hehe i was merely behind this pillar the whole time. Thank you for trusting me. However, there was an important reason for this excercise. It was to test your independence.

I must attend to some business, and you must stay alone for a while. Please remain here. It´s dangerous to explore by yourself. I will be back in a minute.

I have an idea. I will give you a cell phone.

If you have a need for anything, just call me.

Be good alright? Bye my child."

Okay it looks like we are alone here now.

◄█ Alright let´s go exploring! █►

You are strangely happy for some reason..

◄█ Well why wouldn´t i be? There will be so many monsters around and you will either have to fight them, scare them or talk them to death.. i am really excited about this. █►

Haha very funny. For now we will just wait for her since she said that it won't take long.

◄█ Tch. Fine. █►


After 20 minutes...

◄█ Can we go already? I am getting bored..█►


Anyways i´ve got this cell phone so.. do i call her or not?

◄█ Of course try calling her a few times.█►


"Hello my child?"

"Hello, i am sorry i am calling you but i am bored.

When will you return?"

"Oh what a sweet child, Don't worry i will be there soon"



"Ahhhh we will be here forever."

◄█ Call her again █►

"Why would i do that?"

◄█ I am bored.. I don´t knooooow...tell her how you feel about her for example. █►

"I don't think i have those feelings for her but i can mention it to her in a joking way."

◄█ Hehehe █►


"Yes my child what is it."

"I really like you"

"Oh my.. What a bold child... But i am glad thank you!"

"Wait Toriel i was jok-"



She hang up on me before i could tell her that it was a joke...

◄█ Pfft █►


Ah... All monsters that were around me ran away again...

I've got to call her again to resolve this misunderstanding.


"Yes my child?"

"So, I've told you about that thing in our last call and i would be glad if you forgot about it..."

"Alright, Anything else?"

"Yeah.. Could you adopt me for the time being since i am not sure how long i will stay here an-

" Wait so you firstly call me to tell me that you like me and then call me to be your mother? Hehehe you are one strange child. "

" No, i didn't mean it like that really. "

"Of course not heh, and i will definitely adopt you alright? Now stay there and play for a while. Bye"



◄█ You like that milf huh █►

What does milf mean?

◄█ Well.. It means.. To like someone's mother.. █►

Wait ... She is a mother? Then where are her children?

◄█ ... Let's just go. █►

Come on just tell me! I know you that you know a lot about this place oh great brain of mine!

◄█ I don´t know. And don´t call me "great brain of mine" i am CHARA not your stupid brain. Now shut up and move on already. █►

Up onto the next room

Hmm yellow star again.


"Hello? This is Toriel. You have not left the room have you?"


◄█ Does she have cameras in here or what? █►


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