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What do you mean I'm a Webnovel Protagonist now!?
Author :Frigid_Fridge
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68 Poisoned again?

Zhu Jiao scratched his head as he turned towards Chi Ke, let's move on I guess.

Chi Ke kept silent, in her heart she knew that if Zhu Jiao didn't step in she would have been killed. But why would he even help her, her heart felt pain, from the conflicting emotions. He is obviously his target, so why should she feel pity for him? Wasn't she taught from young that the targets are names on a list? Was it because it was her first time interacting with a target for so long?

Shrugging it off, she continued on with Zhu Jiao, wanting to find the opportunity she had to take him out. Exiting the room, they were surprised that there wasn't a long corridor, just a door. The door was wooden, dull and looked like it hadn't been used for ages, the cobwebs covered the door and there were cracks. But most importantly the door was open, just by a little bit, but it was open without a doubt. Walking forward, once again Zhu Jiao pushed open the door and entered with Chi Ke in tow, they entered the room, smelling the wonderful aroma of flowers as they strode in. Turning his head to the left he noticed a figure leaning up against the wall, his face was flushed and he was perspiring everywhere.

"Oh… Another person needs to complete the mission?" Zhu Jiao asked curiously.

In that instant, Chi Ke had noticed who that was and although she hated him, she didn't have any intention to oust her teammate. The mission still needs to get done. Seeing Bai Jia alone at the corner suffering, she felt a slight glee in her heart but was worried as to what this trial would hold. But even before she could think deeper into it a voice boomed out loud.

"HAHAHA, We finally have all the parties involved here. Your friend over there has been waiting Desperately for you. Welcome to the trial of desire. The air is filled with the strongest aphrodisiac, if you wait, not giving in to your temptation, you will burn to death on your own. If you manage to withstand it or you fully throw yourself into temptation, you will pass this test."

Chi Ke immediately felt a chill run down her spine as she tried to cover her nose and mouth. Trying to prevent herself from breathing in the aphrodisiac.

Zhu Jiao looked around the room and tilted his head. Of course, he wouldn't feel the effects of the aphrodisiac, he had a \u003cPoison Immune Body\u003e nothing deemed harmful to him would be able to harm him.

Chi Ke didn't want to lose her inhibitions, so she was trying her best to hold her breath, she eventually took in a deep breath, the heat started to spread from her Dantian all the way around her body.

"You Bitch! Come here! Help this young master get through this! You are nothing but a lowly subordinate! You should help me survive! Come over here!"

He shouted angrily as he started to pick up the pace and walked towards Chi Ke

Chi Ke beside Zhu Jiao was taken aback. What was this idiot trying to do? Expose her?

Chi Ke's body went limp as she flopped on the ground. With Bai Jia approaching her she felt a bit helpless. Her best option would be to give in to the aphrodisiac. Tears rolled down her eyes as she lay there waiting for the inevitable.

"Hey man, even if she's your subordinate and all, you should have some respect for her. She clearly doesn't want it."

Zhu Jiao responded this made the already upset Bai Jia even more upset. In his stupor, he managed to recognise that this was the man from the photos. He wasn't clear of mind so he immediately shouted at Chi Ke.

"You bitch! You dare to switch sides and join the enemy! Let me teach you a lesson!"

He picked up speed arriving in front of Chi Ke. But instead of seeing Chi Ke beneath his legs, he saw what seemed to be the ceiling.

"Wha…" His thoughts were cut short as he felt the pull of gravity pulling his body down towards the ground.


He landed hard on the solid ground causing him to whimper a bit. Chi Ke watched the exchange and was quite shocked, although her body was convulsing, her mind was still active and she was certain she couldn't even see what had happened in its entirety.

"I wanted to let you live longer and watch the woman you fancy suffer… But… but you! Since you want an early death let me grant it to you!"

Bai Jia was the black sheep of the family, he wasn't exactly strong nor was he super smart, but what he lacked in those areas he made up with good family background. His body was packed full of magical items all to be used when he was in danger.

In an instant, he reached into his bag and pulled out what seemed to be a bow.

"Behold! This is the bow of flames!"

He shouted as he drew back the string of the bow causing it to light up with a fire arrow. Releasing it the arrow flew at full speed towards Zhu Jiao who made no attempt to dodge it at all. The flames just bounced off his chest and dissipated.

"Hmph! Seems like you have a strong defensive magical item! How about this!?" He picked out what seemed to be a lightning bolt and tossed it towards Zhu Jiao, electrocuting him.

"How does it feel getting struck by lightning!"

Zhu Jiao cocked his head as he let the electricity pass through his body. He tensed up his body for a bit before relaxing it entirely. Zhu Jiao looked up and smiled gently, he hadn't gotten a massage in so long this electrotherapy thing was great.

Upset and angered Bai Jia reached into his bag one more time and picked out what seemed to look like a dog whistle.

"I didn't want to use this, but you leave me with no choice!"

Blowing the whistle he summoned 2 huge wolves that appeared and snarled wildly towards Zhu Jiao in front of him they took deep breaths as they started to growl.

Looking at this scene, Zhu Jiao was speechless "..."

Chi Ke was stunned "..."


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