the teigu user
2 the beginning
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the teigu user
Author :silverskull
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2 the beginning

war the act of taking a life for a cause i find my self waking up in a room not fancy but normal i see an old man in front of me he says child tell me your name and story i shall judge you on it so i look at him confused and ask who are you and where am i so he say i have many names but you can call me Gabriel im what you people call god and you are dead now tell me your story and I shall judge you on it so i tell him my story is a dark and depressing one are you sure he nods (mc story)It all started when I was around 5 i was a war orphan took in by the military trained to kill i was asked by the Sargent which weapon would i think i could use and the only reason he gave a fuck was cause he felt sorry for me so i chose a katana and dual wield dessert eagles. of which he and all around broke out laughing then he said u got moxy kid i know someone who can train you to use a sword and i will personally train you to dual wield those guns then my 5 years of hell training started woke up at 5 slept at 7. after my training ended i went to the battlefield it was the climax of the war and the most chaotic once i first arrived at the field with a bullet proof samurai Armour on i was laughed at but once hell broke loose i could barely be seen my Armour could hold ten clips yet i didn't even use the ones in the guns my katana was used the most it cut through flesh like nothing and once that battle ended my kill count was 250 my once white Armour and clothes now crimson red my once silver and gold hair also red both matching my crimson red eyes i was looked at like a monster imagine a 10 alomst 11 year old boy completely covered in blood head to toe it was so horrific that i scared almost every one of my allies but what scared them the most was through out the entire time i was in that battle field i was smiling and at the end i was still smiling how ever it was such an innocent smile it was scary a kid with an innocent smile covered in ever on that battle field i also got the ailias red eyed death. about a month later i was assigned to a squad we were called red cause we all wore red also cause of me how there was a girl about the same age as me on that team her name was well that doesn't matter right now as all i will tell you is it was love at first sight but our team only lasted about a year then we were k.i.a and thats my story old man are you happy now i said tears going down my face.he smile's and says can you please tell me her name and yours.i smile and say first whats my verdict he says reincarnation with two surprises then i smile and say my name is silver and hers gold as we both never had real name's she choose mine i choose then god says your suppries are waiting for you in the next world but you will love it i asked her and she wants to see you again how ever this world she choose its called akame ga kill she said that she has talked about it alot to you now have fun in the new world you both have 2 years before the start of the story
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    《the teigu user》